Comprehend the incomprehensible-GOD

What the fuck? It is the total lack of respect for boundaries that drives me away from communicating with these beings mostly.

There are many things I know that are happening that I know are someone “enchanting,”  in fact we experience this as an asult on my divinity or attempts to use or manipulate me since direct forthcoming sincere  communications seems to be the one thing they avoid the most. 

I know not those that come in strife or ulterior motives, as we can sense this immediately, although we consider and wait on Graeat Spirit for direction that is by no means consent or agreement with any.

The blatant disregard or respect, is what drives me further and further into wanting pure isolation more frequently than ever, which is why I go on my drives and hikes alone and observe the spirit of all that is, was, and could be. 

As I witnessed again logos to logoi when it has come to me as logia although we can, and do understand the language and uses. It is the specific, consistent, constant flat out sick disregard for the divinity of women and children that is continued to be insisted on. I will always be grateful the most for Eric Dillan, my great giant silly angel in skin, especially for introducing me to Quaker meeting friends. Perhaps today I will go to a meeting if they are there.

Vaya con sus Dios!!!