Anasazi Agape

That is a lesson that can be taught only by her Daddy. Her Daddy would teach her that she is a beautiful precious, princess, treasured and loved, because that is what she is to him. Most importantly she learns that relationships with men, are not contingent on sex, or physical energy.And she can be fully loved and appreciated for who she is, with lesson neatly tucked into her precious heart. She knows she is a  special princess, and a princes wait for true love, her knight in shining armor will come to find her.seeking her and finding her like a precious jewel. We know fairy tail love is not reality. She will learn other dynamics to intimate relations as she grows older. In the meantime, she grows up with  a secure sense of herself builds self worth on that, On the other hand, If she has to learn about male female relationships through experimentation with her peers, or God forbid a grown man, she will learn sex is the only path to intimacy and love, in relation to members of the opposite sex. Generally, men think about sex every seven seconds, or approximately 8ooo times a day according to an article in Psychology Today published in 2011. Men think of sex, affection, which is non-sexual touching, hand holding, and cuddling, emotional intimacy, and lastly love is usually a distant abstract concept.   that is the way men think. Generally, men think about sex every seven seconds, or approximately 8ooo times a day according to an article in Psychology Today published in 2011.  We all know young adult men are, those numbers most likely double,Their singular thought and focus on one thing, and that is gettin some sex

Ha, It’s about time! You reap what you sow. If I was there I would have jumped in and tried to get in a few punches myself. I not against a group for color of skin, I am however prejudice against violence and oppression, and inequality and intolerance. The NY Times, published an article on 2/27/29 reporting KKK in the military,  check it out it’s a well written although alarming .

My friend Many was attacked leaving a restaurant last Friday, by three white guys with MAGA hats,  I don’t see any reports on that.

Exactly they love the chase so give them what they want. Continue to treat them in the same manner softening a little so they don’t give up completely,  Take your time answering texts, and returning phone calls, wait for him to txt you first, have girls night out  let him you have a life and if he is going to be a part of it he has to earn his spot. Continue an attitude of aloofness with some softness underneath.Try it what do you ha


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