Knobb- evil@elon I’m curious if you have read the Bible for yourself. 

 If the new age movement is Satanic then the Bible is as well. The Bible talks about reincarnation, magic, most importantly Melchizedek. The bible says Jesus is said to be from the line of Malchizedek, which puts him above the Levites. Satan is counterfeit god of this world and simply, just like in the garden, continues to tempt us to question the word of God, and perverts the word of god Check out the following link. Much love and best wishes. I wasted the best years of my life in Christianity. After awakening I finally found the  peace, love, forgiveness,, all things promised in the bible. Finally all the puzzle pieces of my life  fell into place.

It is not evil, the only reason I have followed the path of enlightenment, is because most of the principles are alluded to in the Bible. If you seek as Jesus instructed,  you will find  truth, and Jesus said,” If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. In Christianity, there is no freedom rules, regulations, condemnation, and manipulation was all I found. I did not find peace, joy, love,patience, kindness meekness, or self control, all of which are promised if, you follow Bible and the church, don’t question anything or think for yourself. Keep seeking my friend. Your journey is yours, not your mother’s. I just quit talking to my mom about such things, my spiritual journey is nobody else’s. 

Damon you are a courageous, powerfull, heaven sent, genius. I wonder which star your ancestors are from? Thank you for your sacrifice, you will be rewarded. I sense this is the purpose you were sent back here to fulfill. Your films, especially the #7. Woow….there are no words I can put to the impact it has on my life.  Your work is confirmation of many signs in my personal life, that I just learned to recognize.  The destiny in store for humanity, and each of us individually is truly written in the stars. Your imprisonment sickens me, and is another testament to the sickness that has taken over this world. The elitists recognize that their demise is near, unfortunately, for them, denial of truth does not make it so. I am honored to join you in the fight to spread the truth and usher in the next phase in the evolution of this civilization.  


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