Xulu-Zulu, Zion… Ancient Justified Zulu…


Alexander P. Archuleta redeemed me from the crux, conundrum, brokenness and disaster I had become, Initially brought on by Christianity, although I never lost my faith in Jesus of Nazareth . My brother, brought new revelation, understanding and experience to what ascension mastery and Ancient zulu justification means which I would have never been able to experience in any other way.  Zion is what he brought to life in my soul. Where Jesus couldn’t help Alex did.   I was paralized bearing all of the gifts, love and desire of our calling to realize and express Zion ascension. It all appeared as a vapor, a vision and promise. As it had been presented to me it was touted as just more of the same.”Nothing new under the Sun mentality which I in my spirit knew not to be true, I was  an unobtainable mirage and oasis of salvation and peace never to  be reached. 

As sit here. I weep with ecstatic joy, inexpressible gratitude, and unfathomable inexplicable bliss at the privilege of the beautiful disastrous divine healing love filled with grace and mercy and peace. Peace, I would have never found. without my Beautiful Manic Brother.  He saved me from the true abyss that was becoming me.  

Beautiful 4th of July Sunset, Just before the 2 hour fireworks show.

I was so far removed from it, heaven on  earth,  impossible and improbable to comprehend with my finite brain. appeared to  and even harder to reach appeared to be impossible to reach in the true sense of God’s agape love. 


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