The spice or capers like fun outings that are impromptu.

A fun positive, hostile free group of spiritual minded seekers and thinkers willing to share ideas which provoke and encourage open discussions, and sharing  fresh Informative, progressive, freethinking ideas, that are outside of the mainstream.   Unique, positive, innovative, ideas and concepts that have generated or are geared to strengthen, deepen and transform spiritual,  manifestations, experiences and journeys. I just don’t want to be bombarded with religion, or spiritual communities where membership, subscribing to methods of attendance, dress,  time and monetary donations,”strongly suggested,” to the community. Ideally a group that approaches spirituality in a light, fun, relaxed, informal manner. A safe environment to commune, discuss, and learn, without the obstruction of ego, dogma, and pressure to conform to someone else’s interpretation or judgement of what spiritual hygiene should appear like. , or practices  or strong arming to accept others beliefs.  learn with. Worship communities that are basic and follow the mainstream beliefs and practices A common marker of spirituality is non conformity spirituality is unique to each person as t unimaginative and here conformity, rather than following inspiration, or heart strings in expressions of love and service.   Typically fall common worship methods and beliefs that require subscribing to and practicing  prescribed to people for thousands of years to reach  to others beliefs, rules and usually dogmatic beliefs, spirituality promotes personal understanding, experiences, and personal revelations. Religion in  another group that claims to be spiritual, awake or awakening.  motivated moving l  manifestations and understanding, and practices that . and methods of practicing spirituality that are not and do not have to be mainstream or promote others beliefs.change and growth in the new earth and note wort systems ideas, thoughts and systems of belief without judgement or negativity on points opposing thoughts or views. progressive free thinking nature,  thought and conversation provoking posts and articles that inspire honest sharing of beliefs and ideas and new revelations the universe is sharing among members. that informative 


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