Yogi Detox tea


Yoga nutrition vegan vs vegetarian which is correct for you.

Supplements glucosamine chondroitin 

Hot yoga

Get off the diet pill roller coaster

Tired mommie, help is on the way.

Yoga tried, true, and time tested methods to benefit you and your family.  Products methods  and modifications.

I was always taught like attracts like but in my experience that is not true, so why am i so surprised, you get what you say. Watch your mouth, and this is my biggest downfall, keep your cards close to your chest today.  Silence I kill you. Listen Linda.  That is all for today.  positive and negative protons, magnets, couples, to every ying is a yang. Why so different with what I say? Duality not unity you are here bring back unity. Bright sunny summer afternoon after lunch it’s time for a nap with daddy.  Birds chirping such shining through the window.  Slight breeze came through the window.  Where I learned to attract negative saying not what you feel but the opposite.  From my daddy. Hadn’t moved to ABQ yet. Never seen the big city. Just beautiful rabbits peak, blue skies, snow, family and friends.  So happy I discovered how to go right back there.  Daddy told me I was not his favorite that he loved his chubby little Nora more, and in my mind it’s been that way ever since.  Her success and my failure in my mind is the way I believed it was supposed to be. Lies your little mind just didn’t have enough information to put that puzzle together, now you do. Cheers. Listen Linda! So I can speak to you one to one 




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