22 What is wisdom? Putting knowledge to good use.

Whom? Who made who?  

Intelligent by design either you get it or you don’t.

Compassion is the ultimate wisdom. Most humans still cannot eat spiritual MEAT!

So tired of the Vampires they are all around spiritual and otherwise

Take, take, take and give very little always.

Nacho friend nacho gato. GATES closed again.

It is all a waste of time apparently. So Oh well.

See ya on the flip side. Don’t ask for shit if you aint got nothing to give or only think of yourself Damon!!! We rock well. Like WTF Blue!!! 

We have needs also, but our needs always are met; way above and beyond. either way since we always give for love, and the love of giving whether that be tough love and ass-kicking, talk scripture whatever. Just like love languages we have different languages of motivation. Sigma 6 , leading with positive works for some, others kick the  bird outta the nest.  As I know we are free, have our wings and so on just walking the walk. Loving as we are loved.  Melanin, H2O, E-mc2 squares. 

Thus, Hinduism maintains that truth must be sought in multiple sources, not dogmatically proclaimed. -Hindu Prayer

“May good thoughts come to us from all sides.” 

-Hindu Prayer 


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