Get Wild in the Wild…

Many people can be so insensitive. 9 months is not very long, even if it were a normal relationship it could take longer than 9 months. Be good to yourself, your healing doesn’t need to look like what people expect it to. It took me ten years to get fully healed, and involved intense therapy, and medication, and still I have triggers, which bring it all back, due to c-PTSD. 

Whoever is treating you in ways that trigger you, may not be a true friend, and not someone you should confide in. If it were me I would probably consider completely cutting them out of my life. Nobody deserves that kind of negativity, especially during a difficult period. 

Hi, it sounds like you have already moved on, good for you girl. Do you really want to give him the chance to do it to you again? I would keep on moving if I were in your shoes. My grandma used to say,”Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me, I’ll let you do it again. Ultimately, where are we now? Lockdown….


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