Goddess=God-Dog Goddess

Goddess, devil,  angels, aliens, avatars, past lives, alternate realities

World Religion and Spiritual Practices for Everyone.

Discovering the goddess within is the way we will win.

Bear with me guys at first this is one of my first blogs so it may  to ramble but there is a focus and purpose which is to propose as Jesus suggested finding your personal way, opening our minds, bodies, and spirits, just soak in all that life has rather than trying to define categorize, organize and tame it all. Lets learn to simply be apart of it all.   . Ironically, the religion that eventually would be called Catholicism, at first was call The Way. 

Doing all you can do to be a better you?All I wanted was to be healthier and more clear headed. What I discovered was beyond, my wildest dreams.  

Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Mormon, Nativism, Agnostic, Gnostic, The Occult…  There are so many religions and belief systems, there are an estimated 4,200 different religions in the world according to, https://www.reference.com, and those are only the recognized ones.  In my humble estimate that could easily be 5,000. I just found out about  a new one Radha Soami Satsang Beas, can’t wait to dig in and find out more about that one.

In this information age there is so much at our fingertips we are asking questions not commonly asked by our ancestors. As we go flying off to war, subspace, and outer space, we have left behind our innerspace, the one space in our journey here that truly matters, the one thing we can take with us. Our experiences.  I remember 25+ years ago, I had just been born. Hehe.  We were raised to believed as our parents and grandparents believed, without question. There was a greater ability for control of information which gave a greater ability to mind control.  

Yoga, acupuncture and the like did not gain popularity in Northern America until I would guesstimate 10-15 years ago.The world was divided it seems like in half.  The East and the  West and the core belief systems couldn’t be more diverse from each other. we Americans tend to believe we are the center of the world. 

For over 20 years I have given my life to the study and pursuit, of spirituality, world religions, balance, and peace.   Being lead and taught by many spiritual guides over the years some with skin some without. The Ultimate Lesson I have learned so far is that with IT anything and all things are not only possible but probable.

Exaustive is an word as we are discovering more and awakening more as a collective species as never before in human history.

When each belief system or religion  each one has its own merits, values and  when most of them claim to be the correct belief system to revere and Radha Soami Satsang Beas worship God/Goddess


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