if you like me we,we…One LOVE, ONE Heart one dream…

If you are like me we, we??

If you are anything like me, you are a typical busy American women,  on the go, never satisfied. Always looking for the next trend, idea or thing, for excitement and stimulation.

 Although we appear to have it all, great relationships, great jobs,cars, houses, and happy families, we were living the american dream, or was it a nightmare.

 Having obtained everything we had been taught would lead to happy and fulfilling lives, our  lives can still feel empty, and unfulfilling, as a result experienced disillusionment and  depressession set in. I thought to myself many times,“After all the effort and time to do the right thing, and this is what I get? Broke, busted, and disgusted.”

I came to the point of desperation. I embarked on a search for relief from these feelings  of unfulfillment.  After all the work I had put in to my lifestyle I wanted change,without having to uproot and change everything about my life. 

How could I be free to be me, to live the life that I had built, and adored. How could I live, enjoy, and be more apart of this life that was totally mine yet somehow wasn’t? These questions and many more we will explore. 

Tune in for lots more fun.

Best Wishes


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