Blue Rhino=

Truly was revealing in many ways and even more so now. I am amazed that even those that claim to be enlightened whom I should be able to communicate with with some levil of understanding seem to not understand.


Games…hmm. I am overly sensitive, that is for sure, I bid it all adu. I sure wish I could just erase two years from my memory. 

I hate being on the rag!!! And at this point all the fond memories I had of most folks are tainted perhaps beyond repair.  I feel apathy, and unwilling to even communicate any more.  Inspiration comes and goes mostly I am well the walking dead is what it feels like. Heart shattered in so many peaces humpty dumpty heart couldn’t put it back together again. 

I shall wait on the Lord of all hosts for I know I will get beauty for ashes. Too hot to handle because I have been burnt too many times.  I no longer will attempt to “bridge the Gap,” or seek to. I am all cried out. 

for that Gap is one that is a chasm not to be crossed perhaps.  I know I fulfill my purpose each day to the best of  my ability. It’s just me myself and I and we three it shall be.

Sheeat the story and shit changed and morphed so many times so fast I could not keep up. The book? Written practically, I had so much to go through and shit to be blamed for any of this shit is bull shit… I am so much better for sticking to my guns. 

I answer to GOD and I know thru it all I have been faithfull to what I know to be true. Those that have and are still attempting to label shit otherwise are simply wrong and unwilling to take responsibility for themselves and their actions in deceiving me over and over. 

Consequences are as they are.  I leave you to the God’s to deal with because I know that will bring justice not vengeance or revenge which are simply a waste of time and energy, especially since like begets like. 

I am not and haven’t been the person perceived by many, and I will not adhere to others perception of me or morph into what “they” want as I am what GOD created me to be. 

I was willing to do book and still am, where shit got sideways I am not sure, but I do know this I am sovereign and free and protected and directed and only available to God’s will 4 my life.  People will dissapoint and error, then there are others, from beginning to end I know it all has to do with that damd ring I tried on briefly for a moment.

That in no way obligates me to any one or anything. One can claim alzimers or what ever we see through it.  How can you lie like that? I pity you. Some may think me foolish, and perhaps I am; especially for seeing the best in others and attempting to bring it to the fore front.

There has been and is still constant opposition and tactics at a level I have never experienced. I can say this you will never get what you want from me with harm and deception in mind. It worked for a bit thankfully I am wise beyond that which I am even able to recognize.

I do know this daily God is pleased with me, and we are leveling up so to speak. Haha wish you the best. One thing is for sure I am tired of being accused of exactly what I am not.

Every tongue that rises against me will be shown to be in the wrong. God will set me a table before mine enemies, perhaps that is what has been happening. I know this we all fall, as for me and my household we will serve the lord and when I fall I fall forward. 


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