Upon reading

on Marx and his theroys that birthed Marxism, I greieve for his spirit, as he was with out any god/goddess there is his complete downfall for the after life…. Where did his spirit go then, as our energy does move to other realms. Simply non-belief, much more is required for success. There is nothing more valuable than FAITH or FE en espanol.

The new Movie Zoo wth Tommy Chong I found somewhat offensive simply because it is sexualizing childrn way too early, good conceptl and casr, although it could have been actually geared for the betterment of future generations esepecally inlight of the Woodstock 1999 documentry i have begun watching 2day.

Woodstock 1999…oops out of Time

After watching that especially, Frequency is key. Is that meaning how often 432/369


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