I am so sick of those that think they can continue in this time to manipulate or otherwise skip or try to jump this train. This aint the trump train! We all stand and the works of our hands have either been accepted or rejected as in the times of Cain  and Able. Thankfully my works have been smiled upon once again. Thank you family for visiting when my heart is at it’s greatest bewilderment. There is nothing to be done. For who ever that person is believes I did something. No you just crossed the wrong one. We do not seek power money or notoriety beyond basic needs and comfort. Take what you can use and leave the rest, does not nececissalary meand you get to cherry pick and leave the scraps for others. It meas use what is useful to you and leave what is useful for others for them.

It is the time of the threshing floor that is what you are facing. To us that have been faithfull with little much more has been given and blessings bestowed on us have not been saught or cultivated they have been gifted,

Well done good and faithfull servant we have been told and freedom is ours, because we have sought to uplift others throughout our life time. Too many in this age when a child asks for bread give serpents. This is why we do not understand this world any longer.

Wisdom applied incorrectly is deadly to the eternal soul.Mummering backbiting and complaining about another brother or sister is spiritual murder, this is why gossiping is meatind and being abhorred above all, and mentioned twice in the be attitude.

We have not hate we don’t even know who you are and have nothing to offer you. For what ever reason you believe we have done something to you. What has happened you did it to yourself. You came into my space and I simply stood my ground and fought back you cannot fault me for that. I have warned you repeatedly to stay away. My angels above and on earth are all watching. 


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