Da Bull The Oasis-Desert Club

Quicksand 8/24/2022

Turns out working @ The State fair was like walking on quicksand. The more I thought about being there day by day with some of those miserable people, coupled with my  Abuelos B-day I could not go back after lunch. As each year goes by I become more acutely aware of anniversaries that come and go. On May 28 1991 my abuelo went into the hospital and was not going to make it to my HS Grad and I cried the entire night. Truly he was the only one I wanted there. We even had to cut my grand party short to go to the hospital. The most acute memory on top of that was my Dad kicking my little brother in the ass on the way out of the door cuz he was drunk and my poor little brother was only 18 months old and tired from a long tiring day.

Fast forward to 8 months ago and he is nothing but a big fucking lying rathole, My brother Adam that is.

What say you about Kevin? Well Springhill jack is back!!!


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