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Let’s not kid ourselves, our vote doesn’t count. The oval office is for sale. Democracy is dead, the first principle of democracy is that every individual’s vote is supposed to carry equal weight.  Trump took office, by electoral vote, not the popular vote, the vote of the citizens of the United States of America. He stole the presidency. Since the start, it’s been smoke and mirrors.  He never had the approval of the majority of the people, didn’t disclose his taxes, at his inauguration was met with protests world wide, everything about him and his presidency has been nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

Nope we did not, He did not win the popular vote. The citizens of the United States of America, never wanted that soulless troll as our leader. He was shoved down our throats, voted in by the electoral college.

I think these Trump supporters are coming on to this page to instigate arguments, they throw out statements that are obviously ludicrous to see if we will go the bait, and nine times out of ten we do. We descend into a feeding frenzy, becoming mean, hateful, spiteful, slanderous, stooping to name calling like children, shaming and  attacking people, even ganging up on them, arguing viciously to, prove our points, fairly quickly we begin to argue among ourselves over facts and details of history,  effectively dividing  the democratic party. I am wrong. I sense something sinister afoot.


If that is her, she’s skin and bones, honey child needs a meal. I’m usually quick to make fun, and criticize  her, but my mantra is we women need to support each other, and stick together. Maralena is a part of the sisterhood, and we all need to be valued, recognized, and supported. Looking at that picture, I feel sorry for her, her eyes look sad, empty and full of pain. like she has experienced trauma or abuse.  She is out there like a piece of meat, naked, and vulnerable for the whole world to see. No woman feels good about that, no matter what they tell themselves. I just wanted to take time to support my sister, and remember we are all in this together, we women are too quick to criticize each other and I wanted to not contribute to that today. 

I saw in her eyes. the same lost, empty, hopeless look I used to have. I believe 

So…so just hear me out….In in many of those countries, young ladies are brought up coached, molded, and preemed to find a rich fat American cat. They want American citizenship. 

Russian mail order brides were kind of a running joke back in the 80’s. Only the creepiest, gresiest, odd, desperate men purchased mail order brides…Which I find funny Trump bought is so disgusting he has to pay for a wife.

I am not a fan of Marlena, she comes off as a cold, disinterested, female that thinks she is superior to everyone else in the room. Ice queen is the term that comes to mind. She is expressionless, and has a resting bitch face.

So we have established that I don’t care for her,  or her freak of show of a husband.


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