Feliz Navida!!

Daddy Father/Mother God in the heavens,

I miss you so much. As this year has begun and last year closed I find myself less and less sharing spirit with others as they either don’t understand, don’t care or don’t want to because it challenges them to get better. So I am back into the shallow side of life and well. Mostly because those whose eyes are open whose heart is open to the spirit will see, understand and keep up if they are destined to those like lee and evil ones will not and continue on their course of self-destruction that is their destiny. Hell as it may be. Se la vi. The evil one does not change tactics going after children to hurt the parents. Fucking pedophiles. It is even more disgusting to the spirit of truth and love as Autism makes children less savy more vulnerable and less equipped to handle predators picophants like Lee and those of his nature.

What is meant to be shall be. I will not throw my pearls befor swine. Tripp, Anthony Mc Cain and the like make their bed in hell and so it is unto tham as they have chosen. Jake the snake.some people never change and some do. All are called few are chosen. 

Kevin is not perfect, he is childish at times and selfish and silly, as we all are. In Spite of the things about him that I don’t like there are many more things about him that I do like. He earned my respect and love daily in action word and deed. He is a kind good soul.and those are rare to find these days. 

Those drives around Santa Fe some by day some by night. Mostly were manipulation I guess. Someone trying to manipulate me and take advantage of my giving nature. Well the road to hell is paved with good intentions because of those who take advantage. Now I am cynical in that I do not trust and have no desire to minister to or help anyone any more.

HMM gonna look back @ my notes to the timeline where poisonous shit was going in my light bulb…what kind of evil have I defeated and overcome and battled against…

Hashtag I truly am my own hero after all~! 

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