∞Thy Wisdom∞ 

It’s All Good 828 


All things work together for good for those who love Goddess and are called according to their purpose. good…Romans 8:28 

From eternity to eternity it is all good, in the now, so to speak. Not of this world, is with crossings bearing crosses, and how beholding what is sacred there is not sacred here is a problem in other worldly matters.

DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES! By soul ties our soul is multifaceted, there is no Schizophrenia, Bipolar is our left and right brains disconnected, not properly communicating, so they become at war with one another; as within so without. 

I have read some of his stuff, practical and helpful.  Nichole try reading a whole book, memes are highly misleading. There is no plagiarism, repetition is the mother of learning. Jesus, Buddha, Thoth, and many more have all shared the same phrases in spreading message to different peoples. Haters gotta hate. Consider the source, negativity and bashing is never from Source Spirit.

∞Truth∞ Truth is Love love is truth

Start loving and living from the heart, for the heart knows only truth. Truth will bring them closer or drive them away. Either way, I don’t love you if I don’t give you the truth, and those that stay we can talk all day.

Start loving and living from the heart. Truth will bring them closer or drive them away. Either way, if I don’t give you the truth, this means I don’t truly love you. Those that stay we can talk all day

Knowledge is not power. 

knowledge +experience=understanding understanding+action=wisdom 

Wisdom=Goddess=Holy Spirit.

Power is influence.

When did yo stop with the ears? Did you ever do that with P?

Rebirth AA— 


Let’s get back to some bacis and making Aa relevant again, because we need the oasis it was designed to be.  with many The 12 steps are a beautiful open invitation to self discovery and self recovery and has become another avenue of denial of self simply switching addictions from Alcohol, to AA it self

  • Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path? What path is that? The path of the sponsor, the group, the treatment center? Where has that gotten us? Many still stick suffering and dying every day, and many will continue, but how can we improve. Rough estimates show a 8-10% success rate at best, and AA is the best model we have so far…

To thine own self be true-The time for ritual is over- Ritual is what gets us stuck- robotic like sleepwalking,this is where the personal spiritual experience is missed.

Man know thyself, and thou wilt know the universe and the gods.

-Inscription at delphi

Bob and bill knew AA as it stands was to hold the light for this greater time- they spoke of the 4th dimension, did they th3 5th would come?  knowing this was coming. the 12 steps are simply a guide to the spiritual Experience Back to basics-people bought the book and worked the steps alone not in a meeting with groups and sponsors.

 there is no mention of a Sponsor in How it works. 

Just like Jesus he was trying to lead people to have their own experience- Because it is such a personal thing there is only one way your way. That is why Jesus said  the path is so narrow. way was when the experience happened.