Ageless Age

It is time that offers

Largesse to the lonely,

While it is  memories

That offer loneliness.

It is fear that brings

Years of hibernation,

While it is fearlessness

That provides for dormancy.

It is hope that flowers

Today’s unsettling despair,

While it is yesteryear

That continues to quail.

It is starvation that heals

The echo of lost faith,

While it is indulgence

That fails to believe.

It is time that offers

Answers to forgotten queries,

While it is memories

That never cease to question.

-Deborah Simpson

Chronicles of a Sage


Da Bull The Oasis-Desert Club

Quicksand 8/24/2022

Turns out working @ The State fair was like walking on quicksand. The more I thought about being there day by day with some of those miserable people, coupled with my  Abuelos B-day I could not go back after lunch. As each year goes by I become more acutely aware of anniversaries that come and go. On May 28 1991 my abuelo went into the hospital and was not going to make it to my HS Grad and I cried the entire night. Truly he was the only one I wanted there. We even had to cut my grand party short to go to the hospital. The most acute memory on top of that was my Dad kicking my little brother in the ass on the way out of the door cuz he was drunk and my poor little brother was only 18 months old and tired from a long tiring day.

Fast forward to 8 months ago and he is nothing but a big fucking lying rathole, My brother Adam that is.

What say you about Kevin? Well Springhill jack is back!!!

Where does your power lie?



We are as we are, and can become something so much more. I am not my disease, which is many times simply the skin I currently occupy. This crucial firm footing is from where I could start to find recovery, rather than relief from the disease of alcohol. With cancer you can get relief from the symptoms of the cancer through treatment or reach remission and recovery where you no longer suffer from the symptoms of the disease, this is true too of the disease of alcoholism.  Rather than switch addictions from alcohol to other things like sex, food, work, gambling from this footing I could find healing for the underlying wounds that I was medicating and treating to emerge into freedom, balance, sound thinking, living, and being in all areas. AA offered me relief and recovery from the obsession and desire to drink, but the desire to escape in some form was still there always there.

What is normal….ha let’s not go there…okay lets go there. Normalcy is THE disease, a disease of the mind inflicted on the spirit and body. You are not normal were never normal and never will be normal. STOP TRYING TO BE NORMAL.  You are beyond ordinary, beyond what your mind can conceive. Explore, embrace, and love your uniqueness. This is the pathway to healing.

I struggled with this one for years. I knew I had a problem with alcohol and that I couldn’t handle alcohol, that I didn’t react to alcohol like other people, that I was,”different.” I could accept that I may never again be able to drink like a normal person. Although it was difficult emotional and gut wrenching, I could not deny the evidence that I suffer from alcoholism, as described by Dr. Bob and Uncle Bill in the Big Book of A.A. I would call myself an alcoholic and work the steps and do what ya’ll told me to do because after all what choice did I have? I was suffering from symptoms of alcoholism and this, I was told, is the best medicine the world has to offer, so I did as I was told I needed to do to live with, and not suffer with alcoholism. Although I would work the steps to the best of my ability, I could not concede to my inner most self that I am an alcoholic.   Hind sight is 20/20, because I knew in my innermost self that this was not the truth. 

I am NOT an alcoholic. I am a human being living with the disease of alcoholism. I have never met a person with cancer and had them say Hi my name is Karen, and I am cancer. The reason I could not fully work step one as it is written is because especially people born with the genes that make them   Just like cancer alcoholism is a dis-ease. I have a disease; I AM not a disease. I knew I suffered from the disease of alcoholism, the reality of my condition I could not escape but I could not fully concede to my innermost self that I AM an alcoholic because I am not.

 I deserve the best of all abundance.

I AM a human being. Worth loving living being successful and satisfied.


Rambling Shamanic

Every choice we make can connect us to who we actually are. When I hear statements  like I am so mad at myself.  I don’t even know why I did that.  What was I thinking? I new better but did it anyway.

I have heard that there are ways to openones third eye without meditation, but the ones I have heard of involved psychotropics or usage of some type of drug chemicals.

HI. It’s actually simple, but not easy. First of all, if you aren’t interested in meditation, prayer, or yoga, Don’t Do This! Some type of grounding activity is necessary, journaling, hiking, and even therapy have proven to be necessary.  Preparation for  the smashing of entire belief systems, some major shifts, in perception, beliefs, interests, and lifestyle. By combining, ideas, beliefs, practices, and rituals from many sources, including, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Christianity, Hinduism, Native American Indian, even Quakerism. 

 If you are sincere and honest with yourself, with time, intention, determination, dedication, and expectation, with an open heart, mind, and soul. The results will  leave you breathless, and spinning, with anticipation, excitement, and what could be around the next corner.   I did it almost accidentally.  I combined, and  beliefs, ideas, practices, and rituals from many, including, Quakerism, Christianity, Hinduism, Native American Indian, ,  . I began by fasting using only raw honey, water, and protein, almonds and bacon for a manner derived from Christian mythology. In the Christian Holy Bible, there is a story of John the Baptist who prepared for  baptised and   method  and had some success w I was desperate for direction of seeking greater understanding of Spirit. I combined bits and pieces of  and came up with

It’s  By combining, ideas, beliefs, practices, and rituals. including, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Christianity, Hinduism, Native American Indian, even Quakerism.

My Third Eye Method

We are all actually getting exactly what we need. Reap what you sow,  karma, the energy you put out comes back to you. We broadcast our needs, wants, dreams and desires.  Collect your thoughts, beliefs, wants, needs, desires, dreams, hurts heals anger and laughter

Where you have been where you are and where you’re going

Intergalactic, planetary.


I do get passionate about my country and its preservation, and my fingers often can’t keep up with my mind. You on the other hand are coldly participating in the destruction of America. 

I would rather come off as a little bit of a dingbat, than  an idiot brain washed Trump truth hater. ……..zzz getting bored with you.  One last truth, the electoral college is illegal, Trump’s presidency is illegitimate.

 In a Democracy every vote of every citizen counts, OTHERWISE, it is not a democracy. Maybe if the voice of the people, very different mob rule, meaning the masses, not Mob rule as in the Mob bosses Trump is in bed with. If Democracy in America was run with integrity, the country would be in better shape.  Each presidency has had its hand in the erosion of America. The government is afraid of mob rule, because then the real truth about our government would be brought out into the light.  The fleecing of America continues.

Straight from another lost soul,  from the Christian Cult. You are basically saying, that God condones, rape, murder, thievery. kidnapping, child human trafficking, oppression, and lying. If you had ever picked up the Bible and read it for yourself,  instead of regurgitating something you heard from another cult member, you would know, that behavior is in direct opposition to what God teaches. Your statement is a perfect example of what it truly means to take  God’s name in vain. 

Using God’s name, and slapping in on some half baked human idea, that has nothing to do with God. That is more offensive, than a silly little cuss word, like God Damn. When you damn his people, and his creation mother earth, then you are the one damned, and the creators of hell.

Who is your Daddy?

hink, think, think; but expressing every thought that floats through your mind is not necesariy, in any form verbal, and especially acting on them for predators like Lee Phillip Martinez, or assholes like Thomas Sanchez. 

Great men are they, who see that spirituality is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.

-Ralph Waldo Emmersonn

I can still type almost 60 wpm

So what is te collective saying today?  On path of self destruction as far as I can tell. Still mentality get one over on you b4 you get one over on me.

Stolckholm syndrome?

1. Listen to yourself – your body, feelings and thoughts. Is something in the interaction not feeling quite right? Are you triggered? If so, take the time to stop, center, and reflect. What are you feeling and thinking? Are you judging yourself or the other person?

Thought to Ponder . . .

We carry the message, not the mess, as much as depends on me…

AA-related ‘Alconym’
P R O G R A M  =   People Relying OGod Relaying A Message.

“I could not say I believe. I know! I have had the experience of being gripped by something that is stronger than myself, something that people call God.”
— Carl Jung


Luxury and greed have become synonyms, with living to excess,”having it all.” to,”Keeping up with the Joneses or,” The American Dream.”

To live luxurious does not require, greed, lust, nor dishonor to ones self or another with tenure, not meaning seniority in academia or business. This is the meaning of acts one where the first discussion of love of self to the extreme and assuring to get more than ones portion at the expense of another in Acts II in the newly anointed, ny the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit, Christian church.

Luxury it is absurd and disgraceful to live magnificently and lavishly when so many are hungry.

-Clement of Alexandria.

Motto for the day.

Helping each other reach our highest potential. 

AOOA  3/5/2020

Mass ascension light codes being downloaded. Since the Februarys  eclipse, energies are erratic. I have no energy, lots of pain mainly in my back, insomnia. Since the eclipse the schumann resonance has risen form avg 13 to 32 I even caught a cold. All energy I have goes to Great Goddess Gaia. The brutality and hypocrisy of The Religions which emerged out of the covenant Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Romans 12:1 . Now I know why was ADD b4 there was add’s had me i

Since the eclipse, we been surfing the waves. The flu took me out for 4 days, I couldn’t even open my eyes for 3 days. Seriously felt like a rebirth now that I look back on it. I’m exausted, emotional, erratic, and above all exhilarated. I can’t eat or sleep, I’m so excited. Heck I feel like a women in Love All energy goes to Great Goddess Gaia. I urge you, to offer yourselves, as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is true heartfelt worship. Romans 12:19 (Paraphrased) All things, DO work for good. Romans 8:28 

Ready, Ready. Fredy Eddy. Since the eclipse, we, me myself and I, have been surfing the waves. The flu took me out for 4 days, I couldn’t even open my eyes for 3 days. Seriously felt like a rebirth now that I look back on it. I’m exhausted, emotional, erratic, and above all exhilarated. I can’t eat or sleep, I’m so excited. Heck I feel like a woman in Love. All energy goes to Great Goddess Gaia. I urge you, to offer yourselves, as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is true heartfelt worship. Romans 12:19 (Paraphrased) Being amongst the first wave of inigo souls, which we are characterized as lazy, rebellious, and overly social. Now ADD is characterized as Thank Goddess we know better now.

Ready, Ready. Fredy Eddy. Since the eclipse, we have been surfing the waves. The flu took me out for 4 days. I’m exhausted, emotional, erratic, exhilarated, and above all excited. Great Goddess Sophia thank you for your healing grace, and embrace. Its ALL Good! Romans 8:28 Turns ADD/HD is one of my superpowers, I am a human rechargeable battery for Mother Gaia. OMG Batteries come in AA, AAA D, DD and 5volt more Matrix…running screaming tearing my hair out, canI ever get away from it? Better question, do I want to? Answer: Yes I do and have sorta…SOROS

Up Date 12-1-2021

Some bitches think they can fuck with me? 

From Rural to Urban Living

This is to my friends and family. I have decided to share some of the ins and outs of this dramatic move from Bloomfield, NM to the big city, Albuquerque (ABQ). At first my thought was, “OMG! I can’t handle the traffic; I can’t handle the people; I can’t handle the thought that they have to spray about every three weeks to make sure we don’t have cockroaches…CITYWIDE!!!

One of the things that I have always been fascinated by are volcanos and petrified wood. Between Bloomfield and ABQ, west of Route 550, there is a massive volcanic field with several good-sized volcanic plugs. See the following link:[NK1] 

Near the Petroglyph National Monument are something like FIVE small volcanos (or cinder cones, depending on who you ask):

I haven’t had the chance to go there yet but I hope to be able to climb them soon. They are open to the public.

The edge of the lava flow is obvious in this picture. That is Albuquerque to the right. The larger ones are called “The Three Sisters.”

The Sandia Mountains are beautiful, too, especially when the clouds blanket the tops of them in the morning and at sunset, which reflected off of them.

Sometimes, during storms, the clouds creep over the top of the mountains like slow waves crashing on the beach. I didn’t have my camera with me the day I saw it but when I do, I’ll add a picture of that, as it is incredible.

New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival. I have never been to it but this year I will be able to go!!!


Feliz Navida!!

Daddy Father/Mother God in the heavens,

I miss you so much. As this year has begun and last year closed I find myself less and less sharing spirit with others as they either don’t understand, don’t care or don’t want to because it challenges them to get better. So I am back into the shallow side of life and well. Mostly because those whose eyes are open whose heart is open to the spirit will see, understand and keep up if they are destined to those like lee and evil ones will not and continue on their course of self-destruction that is their destiny. Hell as it may be. Se la vi. The evil one does not change tactics going after children to hurt the parents. Fucking pedophiles. It is even more disgusting to the spirit of truth and love as Autism makes children less savy more vulnerable and less equipped to handle predators picophants like Lee and those of his nature.

What is meant to be shall be. I will not throw my pearls befor swine. Tripp, Anthony Mc Cain and the like make their bed in hell and so it is unto tham as they have chosen. Jake the snake.some people never change and some do. All are called few are chosen. 

Kevin is not perfect, he is childish at times and selfish and silly, as we all are. In Spite of the things about him that I don’t like there are many more things about him that I do like. He earned my respect and love daily in action word and deed. He is a kind good soul.and those are rare to find these days. 

Those drives around Santa Fe some by day some by night. Mostly were manipulation I guess. Someone trying to manipulate me and take advantage of my giving nature. Well the road to hell is paved with good intentions because of those who take advantage. Now I am cynical in that I do not trust and have no desire to minister to or help anyone any more.

HMM gonna look back @ my notes to the timeline where poisonous shit was going in my light bulb…what kind of evil have I defeated and overcome and battled against…

Hashtag I truly am my own hero after all~! 

Feliz Navidad Chica’s y Chico’s

Thought to Ponder . . .
Forgiveness: Giving up on the hope that the past will change.

T U F F  =   Tolerance, Understanding, Fairness, Forgiveness.

Happiness is a form of freedom, and of all people I should be the freest.
I’ve earned this happiness and this freedom.

-Angela L. Wozniak

Life is a process, and we are progressing beautifully. We are no longer abusing our bodies and minds with drugs. We are taking special time, daily, to look for guidance. We are working the Steps of the program, better and better as the abstinent days add up. We are free from past behaviors. And we can be free from our negative attitudes too.

Making a decision to look for the good in our experiences and in our friends and acquaintances frees us from so much frustration. It ushers in happiness, no only for us but for the others we are treating agreeably. Happiness is a byproduct of living the right kind of life.

We can take a moment today, each time an action is called for, to consider our response. The one that squares with our inner selves and feels good, is the right one. Happiness will accompany it.

Happiness is always within my power. My attitude is at the helm.

An ass is beautiful to an ass, and a pig to a pig.
-English proverb

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.
And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.
But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”-I Corinthians 10:13

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I wounder how is Mark Zeigler

Where is the love? All I have done and been through, the soverenty is mine granted long ago…

What is has been long overdue. To look upon us as you do, still being a mench. Truth is Truth no matter how many times you try to twist n spin it. Higher wisdom knowledge gnosis and authority are at work here. If there is any accepting to be done it is y’all that needs to get to accepting, YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT. You seem to be the squirrel trying to get my nut..

What is meant to be is what is.