1×2=3? LFMAO

I do get passionate about my country and its preservation, and my fingers often can’t keep up with my mind. You on the other hand are coldly participating in the destruction of America. 

I would rather come off as a little bit of a ding bat, than  a idiot brain washed Trump truth hater. ……..zzz getting bored with you.  One last truth, the electoral college is illegal, Trump’s presidency is illegitimate.

 In a Democracy every vote of every citizen counts, OTHERWISE, it is not a democracy. Maybe if the voice of the people, very different mob rule, meaning the masses, not Mob rule as in the Mob bosses Trump is in bed with. If The Democracy in America was run with integrity, the country would be in better shape.  Each presidency has had its hand than the erosion of America. The government is afraid of mob rule, because then the real truth about our government would be brought out into the light.  The fleecing of America continues.

Straight from another lost soul,  from the Christian Cult. You are basically saying, that God condones, rape, murder, thievery. kidnapping, child human trafficking, oppression, and lying. If you had ever picked up the Bible and read it for yourself,  instead of regurgitating something you heard from another cult member, you would know, that behavior is in direct opposition to what God teaches. Your statement is a perfect example of what it truly means to take  God’s name in vain. 

Using God’s name, and slapping in on some half baked human dea, that has nothing to do with God. That is more offensive, than a silly little cuss word, like God Damn. When you damm his people, and his creation mother earth, then you are the one damned, and the creators of hell.


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