What the fuck? It is the total lack of respect for boundaries that drives me away from communicating with these beings mostly.

There are many things I know that are happening that I know are someone, “enchanting,” me, when in fact I experience this as an asult on my divinity or attempts to use or manipulate me since direct forthcoming sincere  communications seems to be the one thing they avoid the most. 

I know not those that come in strife or with ulterior motives; we can sense this immediately, although we consider and wait on Great Spirit for direction, it is by no means consent or agreement.

The blatant disregard or respect is what drives me further and further into wanting pure isolation more frequently than ever, which is why I go on my drives and hikes alone and observe the spirit of all that is, was, and could be. 

As I witnessed again logos to logoi when it has come to me as logia although we can and do understand the language and uses it is the specific manipulation constant that concerns. I will always be grateful the most for Eric Dillan, my great giant silly angel in skin, especially for introducing me to Quaker meeting friends. Perhaps today I will go to a meeting if they are there.

We mean this in cosmic things actually improving for more than gain in greedy pockets like Bezos, microsoft, lockheed, martin etc.

I know the sudden jump in private space flight must do with some of the calculations I did on a moonlight walk…

There much more comes through bu will not and cannot share as observance of what has been since is appalling in our estimation.

Sadly, when I reach out to truly share what is on our heart and mind either they cannot follow or claim not to understand when we know they do, simply from the concepts they bring up and movies they talkm about. 

Like spitting in somebody’s face. Perhaps metaphorically I have unless they were in my way cloaked, as we do know the difference between angels, restless spirits, “majic,” or using technology in various ways. 

Thank god for the women in my life whom I learn from beyond. 

I thank you that we have nothing to fear and nothing to, have to do in the Battle. We do because we must as it is what we were created for yet we are by no means obligated. I have been set free and reminded of that more than once. 

I am not surprised by it but I am baffled that they take their beliefs and try tyo press that shit on me nooo it will not work not you succa or anything else using the law of one wrongly is worse then using Christianity and being beating people with the bible, in judgment, or to manipulate people for their gain. This is what is defined in the heavens, as taking God’s name in vain. Profess God before man then turn around and act like the devil. This is why we do not go around proclaiming anything yet having our personal relationship with God,it is a more personal relationship than marriage. I am one with God not with all, especially y since these beasts think they can manipulate. I thank you God that in these days you are yet always with us guiding us and carrying us through the things we do not understand. We trust ultimately in you, and apply the wisdom you give us, to the best of our ability, as all things do come from you. There is no Condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. I thank you that ` Help me to be more trusting with new people in my life. I have been wronged and choose to be better not bitter as Joyce meyer puts it.

You promise to give us beauty for ashes and we know you have spoke that it is time for our beauty not ashes.   

Thank God for revelation on thoughts. All these previous spiritual teachers have been wrongly taught. all thought are things but, not all thoughts are productive, and are simply us working puzzles and observing possibilities. Thank you that most are simply from the either that float by and actually have nothing to do with us and we just let them pass.  

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